Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the loan program. Our in-house Bridge Loan can close in 3 to 7 days for properties in Brooklyn, Long Island and the New York City Area. Other locations or programs vary between 10 and 60 days. For Example, a Texas mortgage funded under an agency program will take about 45 days to fund.

No. Some of the low rate programs we offer are priced based on credit scores, but there are always choices and solutions to meet your needs.

No we do not request Tax Returns and We do lend to Foreign Nationals for our bridge loans. Some specific long term, low rate loan programs require tax returns to offer the lowest interest rate. If you have a concern, Talk to Us - We Are Here to Help You meet your Goals and Fund your Loan.

We have closed several second mortgages over the years, but we prefer not to. Our goal is always to Help Our Clients so occasionally we make accommodations. We have also done blanket mortgage where we a got a first on one property and a second on another.

Yes, usually we request a PG. Some programs have a PG that applies only to Fraud, some are of a limited scope and a few would consider waiving or modifying the guarantee.

No we don't offer any consumer financing. Loan proceeds may not be used for personal, family or household purposes. Please speak to your loan officer or contact us with questions.

Yes, we will look at International Transactions and have extensive connections around the world. Transactions include purchase, refinancing, development and joint ventures. Fortis would likly be an advisor and not a lender.