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• New Purchase up to 85% LTV
• Refinance up to 75% LTV
• Construction or Rehab
• Non-Conforming Properties
• Stop Foreclosure
• Pay Tax Debt or Liens

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Borrower had an opportunity to purchase an income producing property off market, but had no cash and credit issues. Fortis structured the new purchase using an existing property borrower owned and wrapped all the costs into the financing. Borrower got the new income producing property at 22% below market.
Washington DC
Borrowers lost funding and were at risk of defaulting on their contract of sale for the purchase of a $ 10,000,000 income producing property. Fortis arranged very attractive financing with a leading CMBS lender and the loan was closed at about 75% LTV. Fortis accepts application Nationwide.
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Long Island
Distressed borrower came to Fortis to save his Building that was Vacant, Unhabitable, Un-rentable and in Foreclosure with years of unpaid taxes. Fortis liked the location and understood how the borrower ended up in such a bad spot. Fortis negotiated a discounted payoff with the foreclosing lender and funded a high LTV first mortgage to clear up all debt and funded the renovations and new construction. The property value more than double after completion.
New York City
Borrower contracted to purchase a partially occupied SRO in New York City with numerous DOB violations and title concerns. We financed the purchase at 80% LTV and 100% renovations on a draw as needed basis. The Fortis team also cleared the title at no additional cost, saving the borrower thousands of dollars and weeks of headaches.
Borrower needed to settle estate matters affecting his ownership interest to a property he thought he owned outright. We were able to assist the borrower in settlement negotiations and provided the funds required to clear title. Sometimes it's safer and more affordable to settle rather than going to court and facing years of litigation.
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