Fortis Private Money

Get Fast Cash Secured by Real Estate When You Need It
Fortis Private Money Financing is Available in the New York City Area to help Owners and Investors get the Capital they need to succeed.

  Closing Time 5 - 10 days

  Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx

  Other Areas Considered

  Interest Rates from 8%

  Interest Only Paid Monthly

  Origination Fees from 2%

  Loans to Foreign Nationals OK

  No Tax Returns Required

  No Junk Fees

  Loan Term 1 to 3 years

  Loan Amounts from $ 75,000

  Up to 75% LTV, Loan to Value

  Personal Credit not an Issue

  Blanket Mortgages

  Subordinate Financing OK

  Appraisal not required


  All Property Types Considered

  Land Loans

  Vacant Properties


  Pay Tax Arrears or Water Bills

  Emergency Loans

  Partner Buyout's

  Estate Settlements

  Clear Title or Environmental Issues

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